GoCar Lisbon, Portugal

GoCar is a company that operates in various cities around the world (San Francisco, San Diego, Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon).

GoCar is a great way to see the city as each GoCar has a GPS guide that tells you the story of the places you are passing by with the GoCar.

I did the Belem tour, because I was staying close to the city centre and Belem is a bit far away from the city centre (you can also take tram #15 from city centre to Belem which takes about 30minutes).

There are various time options for the GoCar tours and I debated between the 4 hour and the 6 hour one, but ended up going with the 6 hour one to ensure I have sufficient time to see everything in the Belem area without rushing and I am glad I did!

During my 6 hour GoCar tour in Belem, I was able to:

  • Drive to/from Lisbon city centre (where the GoCar shop is) and Belem
  • Drive around and explore the Belem area
  • Eat the famous Portuguese Eggtarts at Pastéis de Belém
  • Visit Jerónimos Monastery

I liked that this tour had a component that was guided (because it is GPS based, when you pass by certain areas or tourist attractions, the GPS guide will explain what it is and give you a bit more history), but it is also flexible. You can park the GoCar and walk around or just drive around – it’s upto you how you want to spend the time. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a different and fun way to see Lisbon ;)

For more information about the GoCar tour options in Lisbon and to book your GoCar for Lisbon online, click here.


For FAQs about GoCar tours, click here.

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