Address: Rua do Carmo, 9, 1200 Lisboa, Portugal

  • The location I went to was in Lisbon, but they have other locations around Portugal too. Click here for a full list of stores.

Hours: Opens from 11am to midnight

Famous for: their gelatos!

  • It sounds crazy, but I had the best gelatos of my life at Santinis in Lisbon, not in Italy (and I’ve tried lots of different gelato places while I was travelling in Italy too). I was in Lisbon for 3 days and went here 3 days in a row… and on the last day, I had it twice in one day, because I loved it so much!
  • My favourite flavour was the white grape flavour, but their flavour options change regularly, so check out their daily list and choose from there (they have the flavours listed in Portuguese and in English)!
  • Price: 2.7 euros for two scoops (two flavours); 4.7 euros for three scoops (three flavours); 6 euros for four scoops (four flavours)

Recommended for: gelato/ice cream lovers!








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