Valencia, Spain in photos

Valencia is a city in the southeastern coast of Spain (about 3.5 hour train ride from Barcelona).

I wasn’t originally planning on going to Valencia during my Spain & Portugal trip, but ended up adding this city to my itinerary as I was going to Buñol, Spain for the La Tomatina festival and Valencia is the closest city to Buñol with an airport.

For my blog post about La Tomatina, click here.

Because my main reason for staying in Valencia was to go to Buñol for La Tomatina, I didn’t end up spending a lot of time in Valencia, but I did try all of their famous food/drinks:

  • Oranges and fresh squeezed orange juice (the southeastern coast of Spain is known as the Orange Blossom Coast)
  • Paella (the origin of Paella is from Valenci)- click here to see my blog post about the paella restaurant I went to in Valencia, El Rall.
  • Agua de Valencia (a Valencian cocktail made with orange juice, cava/champagne, gin, and vodka) – see picture of Agua de Valencia below

If you have more time in Valencia, then you can also check out the beaches and other tourist attractions in the city!














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