Restaurante Uma Marisqueira [LISBON, PORTUGAL]

Address: Rua Dos Sapateiros 177, Lisbon 1100-167, Portugal

Hours: Opens at 7pm nightly (best to go a bit before 7pm and wait in line to avoid having to wait a long time)

Reservations: I personally didn’t make reservations for this restaurant, but I heard that they do take reservations. You can try calling them at 213 427 425 to make a reservation. However, from my experience at the restaurant, the are not fluent in English, so making a reservation in person might be better than calling to make a reservation. Alternatively, you can go to the restaurant 15mins before they open, so you can line up before they open and that way, you will be guaranteed a table.

Famous for: “Arroz de Marisco,” which is a seafood soup with rice. I am not a seafood person and I don’t usually go to the same restaurant two nights in a row when I am travelling, but I LOVED this dish so much that I went to have it 2 nights in a row! It’s only 20 euros/2 ppl portion.

  • Uma seemed like a family-run restaurant and they don’t speak English very well. They can understand basic English and take your orders.
  • The service is not the best, but then you are only paying 20 euros for 2 ppl for the delicious Arroz de Marisco, so I didn’t think the service was a problem (but I have read Trip Advisor reviews about people complaining about the service)
  • I think this restaurant was featured in an travel guidebook or travel blogs, because you will see a lot of tourists here. Usually, I find that touristy restaurants don’t taste all that good, but to me, this restaurant had great food. But if you don’t like eating at a restaurant with lots of tourists and would prefer to eat somewhere locals go, then this might not be the restaurant for you.

Recommended for: those who want to try their Arroz de Marisco and Seafood lovers



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