Tram #1 ride in Porto, Portugal

Tram #1 is a famous historic tram ride route in Porto, Portugal (similar to how tram #28 is famous in Lisbon).

Tram #1 goes along the Duoro River until Foz do Douro. The route is very scenic and is highly recommended if you are visiting Porto. It’s one of those touristy things to do, but is worth doing in Porto – in my opinion, of course ;)

Other facts to know about Tram #1:

  • Cost: 2.50 euros (one way – so when you get to Foz Do Douro and want to return back to the city centre, you have to pay another 2.50 euros) – you can pay directly to the tram driver
    • You can also get a 24 hour tram ticket for 8 euros
  • Tram hours (October – March): 9:15am – 5:15pm on weekdays, 9:45am – 5:15pm on weekends
  • Tram hours (April – September): 9:30am – 8:20pm everyday
  • Frequency: Runs every 3o minutes on weekdays; every hour on weekend mornings
  • Where to take the tram: the tram starts at a stop near the Monument Church of St.Francis. Click here for the map that show the exact location as well as the tram route.

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