Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

How to get to the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc: Take Metro Line 1 or Line 3 to Plaça Espanya


  • Summer show times (March 31 – Oct.30): Fountain show with musical and color displays is at 9pm/9:30pm/10pm/10:30pm on Thursdays to Sundays
  • For the hours during other times of the year, click here.
  • There is no fountain show on Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesdays

Show duration: 15 minutes

Entrance fee: None

Tips on visiting the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc: 

  • The fountain show is beautiful and definitely something you don’t want to miss when you are visiting Barcelona. So if possible, make sure you have one night in Barcelona on one of the days of the week where the fountain show plays (Thursday to Sunday).
  • If you can, try to catch the first show, at 9pm, since the show takes place every 30minutes and lasts 15 minutes. This means that between each show, there’s going to be lots of people trying to get out of the area after the show and also lots of people arriving to find seats to watch the next show. To avoid this, I think it’s best to go for the first show.
  • There are LOTS of people that come to see the fountain show every night. So it is best to get there early to save a good spot. I got to the fountain area 30 minutes before the 9pm show and all the good spots were already all taken, so it is probably best to arrive about an hour early to find good spots.

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