La Manual Alpargatera [Barcelona, Spain]

About: La Manual Alpargatera is a famous Espadrilles store in Barcelona.

  • Did you know that Espadrilles originated from Spain? La Manual Alpargatera has been around since 1941 and they are known for their quality, handmade espadrilles.
  • La Manual Alpargatera was also featured in Conde Nast Traveller’s ‘where to shop’ in Barcelona list (click here for the article)

Address: C/Avinyo 7, 08002 Barcelona

  • Closest metro station: Liceu [L-3]

Hours: 9:30am to 1:30pm and 4:30pm to 8pm

  • They take siesta in the afternoon, so you have to go during the non-siesta hours


Famous products: Espadrilles! They are really comfy and reasonably priced. Prices range from 16 to 45 euros, depending on the style.

Shopping tip: When you go the store, it might be hectic as there’s usually a lot of tourists and the whole shopping process in the store could be a little confusing. I found out, after being in the store for like 10 minutes, waiting to be served by the sales person, that you first have to get one of these from the person near the cashier:


These have a number and the sales person will call out your number when it is your turn.

And once they call your number, you are supposed to bring them the style you want from the display and tell them the size you would like. So you need to be ready to give them the style and size when they call your number.

For popular colours and sizes, they could be out of stock. But you can also ask them for a different color and they can look for you, etc.

Since they are not too expensive, they are also a great souvenirs to bring back to family and friends back home :)



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