Turkey travel photos on Instagram

Few years ago, I came across pictures of the hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey and paragliding pictures at Ölüdeniz, Turkey. And I immediately added these two experiences on my bucket list of things to do/places to visit.

And two weeks ago, during my 8 nights, 9 days trip to Turkey, I was able to complete both of those experiences!

I’ve been to lots of places in Europe, but this trip to Turkey was so unreal. It felt like a dream and I am definitely feeling post vacation blues as a result.

I know am still behind on my Spain & Portugal trip blog posts, but I will share some of the Turkey travel photos from my instagram for now and share my itinerary as well as travel tips about Turkey later.

Enjoy :)



Sunset at Rose Valley, Cappadocia:


Watching the sunrise on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia:

IMG_8690IMG_8668 IMG_8669 IMG_8670 IMG_8671


Breakfast with a view from my hotel in Fethiye:


Paragliding in Ölüdeniz:

IMG_8674 IMG_8675



12 islands boat tour in Fethiye:




Calcium mountains at Pamukkale:

IMG_8678 IMG_8679

Selfie with the blue mosque at Seven Hills Restaurant in Istanbul:


At Egyptian Spice bazaar:


In front of Hagia Sophia:



Inside the Blue Mosque:


Somewhere in Istiklal area, Istanbul:


Starbucks with the view of the Bosphorus in Bebek area, Istanbul:IMG_8685

Inside Hagia Sophia:


Pretty tiles inside the Harem Apartments at Topkapi Palace, Istanbul:IMG_8687

Breakfast at the hotel terrace with the view of the blue mosque:


Recap of my Turkish vacation:




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