Highlands Coffee [Hanoi, Vietnam]


Address: There are multiple locations throughout Hanoi as well as other major cities in Vietnam.

The location I went to was the one near Hoàn Kiếm lake. (address: 1- 3 – 5 Dinh Tien Hoang street, Hang Bac Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City). The best way to find this location is to go to the northwest corner of Hoàn Kiếm lake and at the intersection, you will see this building:


Highlands coffee is on the 3rd floor of this building.

Hours: Unfortunately, I did not catch the opening hours while I was visiting Highlands Coffee and this information could not be found online :( I assume the hours would be like a regular coffee shop – open morning to evening.

Famous for: being a Vietnamese coffee franchise (it’s like the Starbucks of Vietnam). The location by Hoàn Kiếm lake is famous, because you get to see a view of the lake as well as the city from the coffee shop.

  • A popular item in their menu is Coffee with condensed milk – not something you usually see in North America or Europe. If you like to have your coffee sweet, then I recommend you try this!

Recommended for: If you want to try Vietnamese coffee (they use Vietnamese coffee beans at Highlands Coffee); if you want to take a break from the crazy streets of Hanoi; if you want to have a view of Hoàn Kiếm lake and Hanoi while having coffee










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