Café Santiago [Porto, Portugal]

(doesn’t look like they have an English website!)

Address: Rua Passos Manuel 226, 4000-382, Porto

Hours: Monday to Saturdays from 8am to 11pm

Reservations: No reservations – there might be a bit of a wait during peak dining hours, but the wait won’t be too long as the food comes out quickly

Famous for: Francesinha sandwiches (click here for Wikipedia’s description of the sandwich). This sandwich is a Porto specialty – my taxi driver from the airport to Porto told me this is a ‘must eat’ sandwich in Porto as this is where this sandwich started.

The sandwich can be a bit cheesy/greasy and feel heavy, so it goes well with Super Bock beer, which is a Portuguese beer that is very light.

It was good, but I don’t think it’s a sandwich I can eat everyday. To me, it felt like a Canadian poutine equivalent of a Portuguese dish.

Recommended for: those who want to try Francesinha sandwiches from where the sandwich’s origin is (Porto).









Francesinha sandwich:




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