The Garden [Lagos, Portugal]

Address: Rua Lançarote de Freitas 27, Lagos, Portugal

Hours: open everyday from 1pm until close

Reservations: they say walk-ins are welcome, but when I was there in August (peak tourist season in Lagos), I was not able to get a table for dinner without a reservation, so I had to make a reservation for the next evening, but even then, most of the tables were already reserved. So reservations are highly recommended during peak seasons in Lagos. Reservations can be made in person or via email at

Famous for: chill & relaxed atmosphere; bbq plate (meat & fish options

Recommended for: those looking for a relaxing night out after hitting the beach during the day; those who want to eat in a chill/relaxed atmosphere – in a ‘garden’

DSC_0936 DSC_0937DSC_0196 DSC_0197 DSC_0198 DSC_0199 DSC_0200 DSC_0201 DSC_0213 DSC_0219 DSC_0222 DSC_0223 DSC_0225 DSC_0226 DSC_0227 DSC_0228  DSC_0230  DSC_0232 DSC_0234 DSC_0235



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