Norma’s [New York City, USA]


Address: 119 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019 (the restaurant is inside Le Parker Meridien Hotel)

Nearest subway station: 57th Street [F]


  • Mon-Fri 7am-3pm
  • Sat-Sun 7:30am-3pm

Reservations: Can be made online – click here (Reservations are highly recommended if you want to avoid a long wait)

Famous for: Breakfast food (I tried the eggs benedict and it was probably one of the best eggs benedicts I’ve had – they make it on a pancake base with asparagus on top, so it’s a little different than a regular eggs benedict, but tastes amazing! Sarabeth’s is also known for good eggs benedicts, but my personal favourite, after trying both places, would be Norma’s).

They are also famous for having the most expensive omelettes. This item on the menu, called ‘The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittatta,’ is $1,000.

  • Tip: After you get seated, the servers will offer you freshly squeezed orange juice (they offer this even before water), but this orange juice is not free. It was $9 when I was there in March 2014 (prices may have changed since). So if you don’t want to pay the $9 for freshly orange juice, then don’t say yes to the server (otherwise, you will see it on your bill!) The good thing about this orange juice is that they give you unlimited refills for it. I ended up getting the juice when I was there and I had a good consumption of vitamin c for the day ;)

Recommended for: Breakfast/brunch in NYC (it’s located 3 blocks south of Central Park, so you could plan your day to start with breakfast at Norma’s and then head over to Central Park)












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