Best apps for Travel

With lots of people travelling with smartphones these days, I wanted to share the apps I find worked well for me for travel.

I use an iphone, so these apps are from the apple app store, but all of these are also available on android versions as well.


1. CityMaps2Go


This is a great offline map app (you don’t need wifi or data to get the app to work as long as you have the maps downloaded in advance) to have when you are travelling.

The free version allows you to download maps for 5 cities.

It also highlights the top tourist attractions on the map, so it is easy for you to find those places on the map.


2. WorldMate


This app is great for keeping track of all of the logistics during your trip.

Once you have booked your hotel and transportation (plane, train, bus, etc.) to your destination, you forward the booking confirmation email to

It’s easy to use and pretty accurate. If the app does not sort the trip logistics in the order you would like, then you can also edit it (I found it is easier to fix it from their website than from the app though).

The app can be used without wifi/data, but functions such as the live flight status updates won’t work without wifi or data.


3. Trip Advisor

trip advisor

Trip advisor app is great for searching for reviews on hotels and restaurants as well as top attractions.

The app works similar to how their website works and is very user friendly.


4. Trivago


Trivago is a hotel search app.

It searches the best prices from 199 websites, so it saves you the time of searching different hotel search websites for the best deals on hotels.


5. Skyscanner


Skyscanner is a flight search app. It searches the best flight deals for the flights you are looking for.

It is similar to kayak, but I found that flights within Europe work better with Skyscanner.


6. XE


XE is a foreign currency calculator app.

I found this useful when I am not used to a new currency when I am travelling as I can use this to quickly to figure out how much things cost in the new currency.

The app works without wifi/data too – it will just use the latest rates that you had when you used the app with wifi/data.



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