Koh Larn (Coral Island), Thailand in photos

Koh Larn (Coral Island)


Koh Larn, also referred to as Coral Island is an island near Pattaya, Thailand.

Pattaya is about a 2.5hour drive from Bangkok, so it’s a popular beach destination for both the locals and tourists.

And for those visiting Pattaya, Coral Island is a must-see/do day trip activity.

How to get to Koh Larn from Pattaya:

Option 1: Speedboat

This is the fastest way to get to Koh Larn from Pattaya.

The speedboat takes about 20 minutes and it leaves from Pattaya beach.

Costs about 800 bahts – 1500 bahts (prices vary depending on where you buy your tickets – usually cheaper if you are buying it through local travel agencies and more expensive if you are buying it through your hotel’s concierge)

The cost includes: round trip ride between Pattaya and Koh Larn and Seafood lunch

Any activities (para sailing, sea walking, etc.)on top of it are extra.

The boat leaves Pattaya around 7:30 – 8:30, and returns to Pattaya around 4:30 – 5:30, so it’s a full day activity.


Option 2: Regular boat

This is the option I ended up taking, because the lady at the local travel agency recommended this option for me.

She said this option is better, because the boat goes slower, so you enjoy the sea scenery during the boat ride more (as opposed to the speedboat, which just goes to the island quickly without time to really see the sea scenery).

They promote this ride as a 40 minute ride. But this 40 minute ride turned out to be about a 2 hour ride.

What happens is they pick you up at your hotel, then drops you off at Pattaya Beach, where you go on a boat like this:


Then this boat transfers you to another boat that’s in the middle of the sea:


But because the boat leaving from Pattaya beach is small, it can only take a certain number of people at a time.

So once you get to the big boat, you have to wait around for 30mins + for other people to get on the big boat.

Then once everyone is on the boat, the boat goes to a place where they do para sailing.

And you have to wait for everyone on the boat who wants to do parasailing to complete their activity.


There’s more people that can fit on this big boat than on a speedboat, so the wait time is longer.

And after that, once you get near Koh Larn, the boat stops in the middle of the ocean, and you transfer to a smaller boat to get to the island.


This costs 500 – 800 bahts (again depending on where you are buying it).

Similar to the speedboat option, the boat leaves Pattaya around 8:30-9:30 and then returns by 5 – 6pm.

But I don’t recommend this option, because you waste so much time on the way to Koh Larn and only get to spend about 3 hours on the island and have to return to Pattaya. So you are spending more time in transit than the time spending on the island.

Option 3: Taking the Koh Larn ferry

You can take this from the Bali Hai Pier, which is at the end of the Walking Street.

The trip costs 30 bahts one-way and takes about 40 minutes.

The ferry goes to two ports on Koh Larn: 1) Naban Port, and 2) Tawaen Beach

There are different schedules for the two destinations, so make sure to check the timetable.

This option is recommended if you don’t want to be fixed to the full day itinerary you get with option 1 and 2.

Koh Larn in photos:











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