Transportation options in Bangkok

1. Tuktuk

If you are in Thailand, this is a ride you must try.

It can be quite bumpy (as you can see from my pictures!), but it’s a fun experience.

I don’t recommend it for long distances, because it is bumpy and you could get car sick.

But if you are going short distances (10-15min rides), then it should be fine.

Before you go on the tuktuk, make sure to negotiate a price for the ride. The tuktuk drivers inflate prices to tourists, so do your research (ask your hotel how much a tuktuk ride would normally cost from place X to Y, etc.

BK (222)

BK (261)

BK (10)

BK (11)

BK (13)

BK (14)    

2. River Boats

Chao Phraya Express Boat is like a river bus on Chao Phraya river.

The fare is 10- 40 Baht/ride depending on which route you are taking. For details on the fares and the routes, click here. The way they collect fare is very interesting – there is a fare collector on the boat that carries a small tin to collect the fare, he/she walks around on the boat shaking the tin and collecting money.

The river is not very clean, but the river boats are convenient to get around during rush hour (faster than taking a taxi) and it is also worth experiencing in Bangkok.

BK (137)

BK (141)

BK (101) 

3. BTS 

BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) is Bangkok’s metro/skytrain system.

Single journey ticket costs 15 – 42 Baht depending on how far you are going. Day passes are also available for 130 Baht. 

I didn’t end up using BTS while I was in Bangkok, because my hotel was not near a BTS station, but it goes to a lot of the tourist attraction areas, so if your hotel is near a BTS station, it might be a good idea to get a BTS day pass.



map source:

4. Bus

Bangkok’s bus transit system is called BMTA (Bangkok Mass Transit Authority).

The fare ranges from 7 – 22 Baht/ride, depending on whether it is a small bus, big bus, whether it is air conditioned, etc.

I personally didn’t try this option in Bangkok, but I hear the buses are quite chaotic! – so if you want to fully experience Bangkok, it might be a fun experience to go for a bus ride.

5. Taxi

When I was in Bangkok, I used taxis the most to get around the city, partly because my hotel was not near a metro station and also because they are relatively cheap (compared to taxi fares in other cities around the world) and they have air conditioning (this is KEY in the hot Bangkok weather!).

When you get on the taxi, make sure that the driver has the taxi meter on. Otherwise, at the end of the ride, the taxi driver might quote a price that is higher than how much it would have been with a meter.

BK (2)

BK (1)


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