Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool

The best part of my Singapore trip? I would have to say it was the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands hotel is on the 57th floor of the hotel and the pool is 150m long. So from the pool, you can see an amazing view of Singapore.

To be able to use the pool & visit the garden, you have to be a registered guest of the hotel.

If not, you can pay and visit the Sky Park observatory.

      Sky Park observatory ticket prices:

  • $23 for adults
  • $17 for children (aged between 2 – 12 years*)
  • $20 for senior citizens (aged 65 years and above)
  • Children under 2 years may enter for free.

**Prices are as at June 2014.


Infinity Pool hours:

  • 6am – 11pm daily (If you want to get a good spot at the pool, it’s best to go early. The pool gets packed during the peak hours.)


How to use the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands:

  • When you check-in at the front desk for your hotel room @ Marina Bay Sands, they will give you the Sands Skypark Pool Pass (see pictures below) for number of registered guests staying at the hotel with the check-in & check-out dates (Maximum number of guests per room is either 2 adults, 2 children or 3 adults).



  • The pool can be accessed from any of the towers (Tower 1, 2, or 3). You need your room card to use the elevator to go up to the 56th floor.
  • They provide towels at the pool, so you don’t need to bring it with you.
  • You can either change once you get to the pool, or change in your hotel room and wear something over it or wear the shower gown provided in your hotel room (when will see a lot of people in the elevator wearing shower gowns going to the pool!)
  • Once you get to the pool entrance, you have to show the Sands SkyPark Pool Pass and they will give you a bracelet like this:

photo 2

photo 4

  • If you take the bracelet off, but want to go back to the pool on the same day, you can just show your Pool Pass again and they will give you another bracelet.
  • For frequently asked questions about the infinity pool, click here for a link to the Marina Bay Sands FAQ website.


Photos of Marina Bay Sands Skypark Infinity Pool:










This is what the edge of the infinity pool looks like up close:

photo 1

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Infinity Pool at night:






38 responses to “Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool

    • No, you have to be a guest of the hotel to go to the infinity pool. If you are not a hotel guest, you can pay $23 SGD to go up to the sky park observatory deck), but won’t be able to get access to the pool.

  1. How early would you say should you get there to get the chairs by the water before it’s too crowded? Is 10am early enough – or would you recommend more like 8 or 9am? I am going next week and staying at the hotel and appreciate the advice!

    • @ Danacat 27 To be safe, it’s best to go around 8 or 9am, than 10am. When I was there, I went to the pool one day at 7am (because I was jetlegged and I was up super early, so decided to check out the pool in the morning) and there was a lot of people at the pool already. I found that once people secure their chair, they end up leaving their towers and other belongings and use the chair throughout the day (almost like hogging their chair!), so best to get there early and secure a good spot. Hope you will have a good time at Marina Bay Sands! :)

  2. Hi,I booked a room on October for Max 2 guests but actually we are 3 person staying.The problem is How can we excess to the pool together? really strictly for the pool excess?any tips that you know?thank you.

    • Hi, they charge for an additional person staying in a 2 guest room and give you a rollaway bed. So since you pay the extra charge for the 3rd person, they would give you 3 access cards for the pool. So just explain at check-in that there will be 3 ppl staying in the room and that you would need 3 access cards for the pool. Without the access card to the pool, it will be hard to get in as they check it at the entrance and it’s 1 card/person. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi, 3 of my friends and I are going to MB in Jan. We are girls and are happy to squish into the double beds together (ie get one room only even though max occupancy is 3) do you think there any way we could be sneaky and get us all in the pool as well?

    • Hi – if you have booked a 3 people max occupancy room, then they will give you 3 pool access cards, so you will have to come up with a creative way to use 3 cards among the 4 of you. But because there are guards at the pool entrance, it’s risky and I don’t recommend that method. Maybe the best way is to call the hotel and ask you want to have one extra person in the room and if the 4th person would be able to get a pool access card and whether there would be a charge for it.

  4. hi printemps0423 i want to book a room at marina bay sands can u help where i can find and best price for this hotel
    please mail me at or can kindly leave a massage here
    your help will be highly appreciated

    • Hi, I would suggest you use hotel search engines like to find the best prices. For children’s entry to the pool, please visit the Marina Bay Sands website for details as they would tell you the exact age for free admission vs. paid hotel guest.

  5. Hi, do I need to ask for pool pass for our kids when we checkin or is it marked on the adults card. Also is the evening night show worth seeing from the infinity pool or another location at marina bay?

  6. hey, may I ask that, if I got a ticket to get into the Skypark Observation Deck at morning/afternoon and if decide to come back during the day, is it still available to come back at night?

  7. Hi, i’m planning a Hens Night for my friend & booked premier room. Only 2 of us are staying overnight but there are 6 people in total. Will all 6 be able to hang out in the room? If yes, is there a specific duration?
    Thank you!

    • Hi – I am not sure how it works in your case. It would be best to reach out to the hotel for clarification on your question.

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  9. Thanks for the picture of the edge of the infinity pool looks like up close! I was wondering how it looks!

    • Hi, I am not sure what their rules are on bringing your own drinks and food. But from what I remember, they only check that you have your bracelet to enter the pool, not your bags.

  10. Hi! Be checking in with three of my friends in Grand Club Room. Do you any idea how much the supplememtal fee for club55 use? Also, if one of us checks out lets say Friday morning with a pool bracelet on, can she go back to thw pool with just using the bracelt and stay at the pool till afternoon or evening? Will she get caught you think?lol

    • Hi! I don’t know much the supplemental fee for club55 use would be – you should email/call the hotel about the exact price. For the pool use, you can use the pool on the day of your check-out as you would have your bracelet on for that day.

  11. Can i go to site of infinity pool only for clicks the photographs on the ticket of sky park observation deck…. If i m not a guest???

    • hi – for infinity pool access, you have to be a guest of the hotel (observation deck and the pool area are separate).

      • Thanks for your response…
        Can u please tell me that is the view of infity pool visible from any side of sky park observation deck..
        If it is possible to take the picture of infinity pool from the observation deck..???

        Thanks with regards

      • I didn’t go to the observation deck myself, so I am not sure. But from the pool, I didn’t see observation area, so I don’t think you can see the pool from the observation deck. Best to check with the hotel for details.

  12. Hi firstly great article! This place looks so good and I really enjoyed your review. I have a quick question, wonder whether you can help?

    Could you clarify how they register guests at check in? I am going to stay at the MBS soon on my visit to Singapore on a solo trip/holiday. So I guess I book my room for 1 guest correct?

    My friend who lives there has never been, I was hoping to surprise them and invite her along. But as you said only guests can access, so is there a way for her to join?

    If I select 2 adults on my booking, I can see it costs exactly the same to book the room on the website, but then when I check in, how does registration work, as do two people then have to register at the desk showing ID and so forth?

    Or in the 2nd situation, is my passport/ID required and they give me 2 passes?

    • I think it’s a question for the hotel. Best to reach out to them for the right answer to your question :)

  13. Hi, do all guests have to be present at check in at the hotel? As in can just 1 of the 2 adults check in and register 2 guests and collect 2 cards?

    • I don’t think so. When I was checking in, i checked in by myself and was able to receive the passes for all the guests staying in the room.

  14. Hi! I booked a standard room for September and will be staying there with 3 other people. Is there a way to pay for the other 2 passes? Also, what happens if you lose your SkyPark pass? Will they issue you a new one? Thanks!

    • You can’t pay for the passes. You have to be a hotel guest to receive the passes. I didn’t lose my pass, so I am not sure what the process is if you lose your pass. Best to contact the hotel for details!

  15. Hi,

    Thanks for this article. I’m wondering if after the check out we can still have access to the pool ? Thanks in advance for you answer !

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