Madame Hien [Hanoi, Vietnam]

Address: 15 Chan Cam, Hanoi, Vietnam (located in the Old Quarter)

Hours: Open every day from 10:30am to 11pm

Famous for: Vietnamese food, history of the villa (It used to be the house for the architect, François Charles Lagisquet, who built the Hanoi Opera House). Celebrity Chef Didier Corlou (he used to work at the restaurant in Sofitel Metrople Legend Hanoi)

Recommended for: those wanting to try Vietnamese food in a nice atmosphere,  those who are looking for a tranquil dining experience from the noisy streets of Hanoi

Other things to note before you go:

  • Madame Hien is more expensive than the typical restaurant in Hanoi, but I found that the quality of the food (you don’t feel like you will be getting sick from the food or anything!) and the atmosphere was worth it. I ordered 1 big bottle of water, 1 appetizer, and 2 main dishes and the total bill came to about $22 USD – this is the price it would cost for a main dish at a nice restaurant in North America, so it’s cheap if you compare it to a North American country food pricing, but it’s expensive compared to Vietnam food pricing.
  • I ended up going to Madame Hien for dinner because I arrived in Hanoi late in the afternoon, but if you would like to try out this restaurant, I recommend going to Madame Hien for lunch, as they have lunch prices that are more reasonable.
  • There is a VAT of 10% on top of the total price of the bill.













DSC_0116 Big bottle of water (66,000VND)

DSC_0120 Deep fried nem Hanoi Style (88,000 VND)

DSC_0121 Madame Hien style rice with chicken and prawn (97,000 VND)

DSC_0123 Sauteed squid with vegetables (169,000 VND)






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