Nusa Dua Beach & Hotel in photos [Bali, Indonesia]

Nusa Dua beach

    • Located in the southeast part of the Bali island

nusa dua

  • Popular area in Bali for honey mooners (lots of upscale hotels are in this area) and also good for families (the waves are not as high as Kuta or Seminyak beach, so it’s better for kids to play at the beach)
  • To get to Nusa Dua Beach, you have to go through one of the hotels, as the beach is only accessible from the hotels.
  • When I was in Bali, my friend and I had a driver for a day driving us around Bali Island to different tourist spots and when he told us he is taking us to Nusa Dua Beach, he also told us that he will be dropping us at the lobby of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel (one of the hotels in the area) and that we have to go through the hotel to see the beach.
  • I didn’t take pictures of the actual beach as much, because the weather was very cloudy :( But this is what it would have looked like on a sunny day:


Photos of Nusa Dua Beach & Nusa Dua Beach Hotel:










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