Kastro [Oia, Santorini]



Address: Oia, Santorini

[The restaurant is closed to the fortress where people go see sunset]

Hours: open for lunch & dinner

Reservations: tel.:(+30) 22860 71045 call (+30) 22860 71045 or drop by the restaurant in person to book.

[Tip: Reservations are highly recommended near sunset time, as the whole area gets crowded with tourists trying to watch the sunset. I made my reservation when I was in Oia for the next day and didn’t have a problem getting a table for dinner]

Famous for: the location and the atmosphere – from the restaurant, you can see the famous Oia sunset while you eat your dinner. They serve Mediterranean food at the restaurant. To me, the food wasn’t the best for the price (around 15 euros+ per dish), but the view definitely makes this restaurant worth a visit.

Recommended for: those who want to enjoy the famous Oia Sunset over a glass of wine and food; those looking for a romantic dinner spot in Oia

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