VIP Suites [Oia, Santorini, Greece]

VIP Suites

For link to website, click here.

  • Located in Oia, Santorini
  • It’s about a 2 minute walk to the fortress where people go see the famous Oia Sunset (which makes it really convenient!)
  • Rates vary depending on the season and type of suite. For details of the rates, click here(It was 90 euros/night when I was there in July 2011. One of the good things about VIP suites is that they consider high season to be from July 13 to September 13th. So if you’re planning to go there in June/beginning of July, you can still get a reasonable rate for your stay. I did a lot of research about hotels in Santorini and this one was one of the most affordable while having all the things you would expect to see at a hotel in Santorini – like the blue ocean, a balcony, caldera view, etc.)
  • Unless you’re renting a car from the airport or from the port, it’s best to get transfer service from the hotel. Transfer service charge =30 euros /two persons. At the port, the hotel representative will be waiting with a board that has your name on it.
  • Overall: I decided to this hotel after I saw pictures from my friend’s trip to Santorini and fell in love with it just from the pictures. She said she would go back to this hotel again when she goes to Santorini and I felt the same after my stay at VIP Suites. The views from the balcony were breathtaking and it really makes you feel like you’re in Santorini (makes you feel like you’re living in one of those postcard pictures!). It’s also great for people staying in Santorini for a long period of time, because you have a mini kitchen where you can cook.
  • For reservations, click here.
  • For the link to Trip Advisor reviews about VIP Suites, click here.





Inside the Standard Studio unit:

DSC_0817   DSC_0342












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