The Shore Club, A Morgans Original [Miami, USA]

Shore Club Miami

  • A boutique hotel located on South Beach, Miami
  • Address: 1901 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139 (The location is great as it’s not too north or south on Collins Ave. It’s walking distance to Lincoln road, where lots of shops and restaurants are. And the beach is right in front of the hotel.)
  • Reservations: can be made online on the Shore Club website or other travel websites.
  • Rates: Rates vary depending on the season & type of room. (I booked mine through by bidding for a 4 star hotel in the area. The price I was able to get through Priceline for April Easter long weekend was $210/night + taxes). The room I got was a little bit smaller than I had expected, but it was still clean and I was spending more time at the pool and the beach, then the room.
  • Great pools & DJ by the pool
  • Free wifi in the lobby
  • I’ve only tried the brunch at the hotel, but the restaurants at the hotel are supposed to be really good!
  • 4 star hotel rating (on Trip Advisor).
  • Overall: I really liked this hotel for the location (beach front and close to everyting) & the price (a lot of the hotels in South Beach are quite pricy, but I was able to get this hotel for a decent price through Priceline). The vibe/the crowd at the hotel was good too – people in their 20s/30s (not too young or not too old).
  • For the link to Trip Advisor reviews about Shore Club Miami, click here.


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