Ubud Monkey Forest [Ubud, Bali]

What I found amazing about Bali is that it’s an island full of different sights –from seeing rice fields, coffee plantations, mountains, temples, beaches, to rain forests.

So when I was in Bali, I tried to see different parts of the island to experience Bali to the fullest.

One of the places on my list of places to go in Bali was the Ubud Monkey Forest.

A rain forest with monkeys. Why not? :)

Here are a few things you should know about before you visit the Monkey Forest:

Website: http://www.monkeyforestubud.com/index.php

How to get to the Monkey Forest: It’s about a 15 min. walk from the Ubud market to the monkey forest.


Hours : everyday from 8.30 am – 6 pm

Admission: Adults = 20,000 IDR, Children = 10,000 IDR

They also sell bananas at the entrance to feed the monkeys. I would advise you to buy the bananas only if you want the monkeys to come close to you (they can be vicious at times).

If you’re like me and slightly scared of the wild monkeys and would prefer to watch them and take pictures only, then it’s best not to buy the bananas.

Also, before you get to the Monkey Forest, make sure that you zip up your bag and hide anything that can be snatched by the monkey (ex. sunglasses, water bottles, etc. – basically, anything that looks like that can be snatched easily).

Monkey Forest in photos:




DSC_0080  DSC_0083






DSC_0098 DSC_0099




One response to “Ubud Monkey Forest [Ubud, Bali]

  1. yes indeed, visitors to monkey forest mst be careful with the monkeys. Close your bags, hide your sunglasses and don’t display any food, unless you want to give to the monkeys. They are really fearless of humans, as no one hurts them.

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