Lucky’s Souvlakis [Fira, Santorini]

Lucky’s Souvlakis

Address: Fira, Santorini

[Tip: As with many places in Santorini, Lucky’s souvlakis doesn’t really have an address. It’s in the main street of Fira, so once you enter the street, it will be easy to find. If you’re having difficulties finding it, you can ask one of the locals in Fira and they should be able to direct you.]

Hours: open for lunch, dinner, and late night food

Famous for: gyros (2.3euros) and souvlaki sticks (2 euros)

Recommended for: those who are looking for good gyros and souvlakis in Fira/Santorini, those looking for a quick dining option (Lucky’s offers dine-in and take-out options, but the dine-in area is very small and is more of a fast food dine-in style than a sit-down restaurant), backpackers on a budget



DSC_0972  DSC_0974Untitled


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