Thip Samai [Bangkok]

My favourite Thai food is Pad Thai. So when I was planning for my trip to Thailand, I was very excited to try the authentic Pad Thai and did some research about where I can find the Best Pad Thai in Bangkok.

From my search results, Thip Samai came up multiple times as the Best Pad Thai in Bangkok, so I decided to give this place a try.

What you define as the “best” will depend on your taste, but it definitely was the Best Pad Thai I’ve ever had.


Thip Samai

Address: 313 Th Maha Chai, Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand

[Tip: To get to this restaurant, the best way is to ask the receptionist at your hotel/hostel to write down the address in Thai for you and show that to your taxi or tuktuk driver.]

Hours: 5pm – 1:30am daily (they are only open for dinner)

Famous for:

  • Super pad thai (which is pad thai wrapped around in egg) = 70 Thai Baht (about $2.40 USD)
  • Orange juice = 120 Thai  Baht (about $4.00 USD) 

And yes, the orange juice is more expensive than the pad thai, but it is worth every penny. This orange juice was the BEST orange juice I’ve ever had in my life! I wanted to buy some and bring it back home, but there is an expiry date on the orange juice, so couldn’t bring it back :( I went to Thip Samai again the day after just for the orange juice.

There was actually quite a bit of locals eating at this restaurant when I went, which is a sign that it’s not a tourist trap created by tourist hype and is truly a good pad thai place :)

Recommended for: Pad Thai lovers, Orange juice lovers 

BK (16)

BK (34)

BK (15)  BK (30)BK (32) 


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