Public transportation in Paris

The metro/RER system in Paris is probably the best way to go around to see the city (other than walking). However, there are various options for you to purchase the tickets for the metro. To help with your trip planning for Paris, I have summarized the ticket options below.


[ Please note that the prices on this post reflect the updated prices as at Jan.1, 2013 and the prices are subject to future changes.]

Carnets and Billets


– These are tickets you can use within Paris. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk (10 tickets, which is called a carnet). So if you’re planning to take the metro more than 10 times, then it’s better to buy a carnet to use first, then get billets as you go.

Billet (1 ticket) € 1.70
Carnet (10 tickets) € 3.30

 Ticket Jeunes Week-end


– These tickets are available on weekend for people under the age of 26. If you’re under the age of 26, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of ticket jeunes week-end. You may be asked to show proof of age on a piece of ID.

– Because it’s called “ ticket jeunes week-end,” it sounds – like the ticket can be used for both days of the weekend. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. You will need to purchase ticket jeunes week-end on each of the days of the weekend separately if you’re planning to use the metro for both days. It’s still worth getting it on weekends even if you’re paying for Saturday and Sunday if you will be using the metro multiple times throughout the weekend.

Note: If you purchsae ticket jeunes week-end for zones 1-5, this ticket will not allow you to take the RER to the Charles de Gulle airport.

Random/interesting fact I found: When you visit the English version of the ratp website (ratp = the transit system in Paris), this is not listed as one of the available ticket options. However, if you go to the French website, it’s included:  So you just need to ask for it at the ticket booth. You can say “Je voudrais un ticket jeunes week-end pour zone (mention the zone numbers you want the ticket for).”

Zone Price  
1 to 3  €3.65
1 to 5  €7.85
3 to 5 €4.60



– This is a day pass you can use for an unlimited number of times for the day for the zone you’ve purchased the ticket for.

– This is another ticket that’s only presented in the French website of ratp:

But it does exist! So you just need to ask for it at the ticket booth. You can say “Je voudrais un mobilis pour zone (mention the zone numbers you want the mobilis for).”

Zone Price  
1 to 2  €6.60
1 to 3  €8.80
1 to 4 €10.85
1 to 5 €15.65

 Navigo Decourverte


–  This is a weekly metro pass valid from Monday to Sunday for unlimited travel on the bus, metro, tramway, and RER

– It’s called a “Navigo semaine” for the local Parisians and for tourists, it’s called “Navigo Decouverte.” So when you’re at the ticket booth asking for this, you need to specify that you want “Navigo Decourverte.”

– To make this card, you need to bring a picture of yourself (headshot picture sized 25x30mm)

– There is a cost of buying the card (5 euros).

– If you are going to be in Paris for a week (or even 5 – 6days), this ends up being cheaper than the other ticket options available, but this will vary depending on the number of zones you will be going and how often you plan to use the metro/RER.

Zone Navigo semaine
1 to 2 €19.80
1 to 3 €25.65
1 to 4 €31.05
1 to 5 €34.40
2 to 3 €18.70
2 to 4 €23.70
2 to 5 €27.40
3 to 4 €17.90
3 to 5 €21.85
4 to 5 €17.45


tt_paris_visite (1)

– This is a metropass for tourists that allows for unlimited travel on the bus, metro, tramway, and RER

– With Paris Visite, you get discounts at certain tourist attractions. For a full list of discounts, please see the following link ->

Days Adult (Paris Centre) Adult (Paris + suburbs + airports)
1 Day  €10.55  €22.20
2 Days  €17.55  €33.70
3 Days €23.40 €47.25
5 Days €33.70 €57.75

Useful links

Map of Paris metro (shows all of the different metro lines):

Guide to Paris public transportation for tourists:


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