Paris photos with a disposable camera

During the last week of my exchange in Paris, my digital camera broke. I was heart-broken, but I didn’t want to get a new camera until I returned back home. So I decided to get a few disposable cameras to take pictures for the last week in Paris. And ever since then, I always take a disposable camera with me on my trips in addition to my DSLR, because I love the finishes of the developed pictures taken with a non-digital camera. It’s also always exciting to see how the picture would turn out since you can’t see the pictures right after you take it with film cameras.

These are some of the pictures from my trip to Paris back in September 2010.

Enjoy :)



[Chateau de Versailles]


[Notre-Dame de Paris]


[Jardin du Luxembourg]

F1000021 F1000022 F1000023

[Jardin des Tuileries & Louvre]


[Eiffel Tower]


[Disneyland Paris]


2 responses to “Paris photos with a disposable camera

    • Thank you! I just use the disposable cameras from drug stores (Kodak or Fuji brand ones) and the pictures still turned out nicely with the film camera finish :)

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