Museums in Paris – Tips

Useful tips to know before your visit to museums in Paris 


1.   Free museum days

All the museums are free on the 1st Sunday of each month.

So if you’re in Paris on a 1st Sunday of the month, make sure to take this advantage!

I recommend that you go to the bigger museums (like Orsay, Louvre, or Centre Pompidou) first thing in the morning when the museum opens as the museum gets very crowded on the free museum days.


2.  Paris Museum pass

If you’re planning to go to a number of museums in Paris during your visit, then you should consider getting the Paris Museum pass.

The Paris Museum Pass is available for 2, 4, and 6 days packages:

  • 2 days = 39 euros
  • 4 days = 54 euros
  • 6 days = 69 euros

The museum pass is valid at the following museums:


(source: Paris Museum Pass official website)

Pros of the museum pass:

  • It might be more cost efficeint to get the museum pass to visit multiple museums than to purchase tickets individually
  • You will save time in line as the line ups for purchasing tickets at the museums tend to be long especially during the  peak tourist seasons

Cons of the museum pass:

  • If you purchase the museum pass and maximize the use out of it, then it will likely mean that you will cramming multiple visits to museums in a short period of time (2 – 6 days), so you may be very tired by the end of it and not be able to enjoy other sights as much.
  • The museum pass is not always cost efficient – it depends on the particular museums you decide to visit and how many days you have in Paris to visit those museums.

Tip: If you are planning to purchase the museum pass, make sure the check out the museum closure dates for the museums you want to visit. A lot of the museums are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so if you activiate a 2 day pass on a Sunday, then you may not be able to maximize the use of the pass on the 2nd day (Monday) as much.

For more information about the museum pass, please visit the official webiste at


For a summary of the museums in Paris, please click here.


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